Pickle Day

Pickle Day

Client: Lower East Side Partnership
Project Role: Art Direction, Design, Web UI/UX, Video, Editing
Character Illustration: Leo Natsume
Logo Type With: Jim Tierney
Supplemental Design: Julian Rucker
Web Development: Dot Squirrels

Pickle day is annual food festival that combines the best in Lower East Side restaurants and East coast picklers to recall the days past when merchants once lined Orchard Street for Sunday sales of dills and gherkins. The street fair attracts more than 15K visitors annually that's compromised of neighborhood residents, New Yorkers from the five-boroughs, and enthusiasts who travel great distances since it's conception more than 10 years ago. Pickle Day underwent this rebrand in 2016 to expand it's promotional outreach. Collateral included DOT/MTA subway advertising, lamp post banners, postcards, merchandise, and extensive digital advertising. In 2017, and video plug 'What's On Your Brine?" was added to the portfolio.

A series of character illustrations were created for use across the campaign. 



"What On Your Brine?" is a promotional video created in 2017 to boost traffic to and projected attendance on Facebook. By the day of the event, the video had over 17K unique views. 

 DOT/MTA Subway Poster (2017)

DOT/MTA Subway Poster (2017)

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 1.54.47 PM.png (1).gif

Pickle merchandise developed for sale online and at the event. All proceeds go toward the production of the following year's Pickle Day.


2017-10-15 16.10.39.jpg
Bring on the brine — Pickle Day returns to the Lower East Side....
— The New York Times