Essex Olive & Spice House

Essex Olive & Spice House is a new merchant in the Essex Street Market (Spring 2017) selling gourmet spices and artisanal olive oils. The logo type keeps it simple, used alone or alongside a flowing palm leaf illustration, a representation of Moroccan palm trees and their oils. Inspired by the muted tones of the Essex Olive & Spice House stall, the brand kit takes on desaturated samples of greens and browns to compliment the black, bamboo, and glass build-out. The packaging marries the logo typeface, Berbati, with opaque herb, vegetable, and live stock illustrations by the late Pierre Joseph Redouté.

Essex Olive &
Spice House

Client: Saad Bourkadi (Owner), Essex Street Market
Project Role: Brand Identity, Consultation

A secondary application of the logo includes a short olive branch, which was created for the promotion of new olive oils.